Vidcap of Dreama Walker from Compliance

Movie: Compliance (2012)
Theatrical Release Date: August 17
Actress: Dreama Walker (Breasts)
Credit: Virginia

NOTE: From the vidcap’s original poster, Virginia:

“I wish I had the ability to capture video from this one right now – (and I didn’t even bother to try to do vidcaps of the nude jumping jacks- it was all blurry, and no stills would do it justice)
but hopefully this will tide people over till the movie comes out this month.

Honestly, it’s an amazing, powerful, disturbing movie –
Dreama’s beauty, as evidenced by the scandal at Sundance, is in fact a bit of a distraction from the storytelling –
so by getting these images out there I think I’m actually doing a public service,
in that we can all ogle her now, and then once we see the film, actually pay better attention to what it is that the movie is saying.

See this one in your local theater starting August 17th.”

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