Roberta Petzoldt – Deal (2012)

Roberta Petzoldt – Deal (2012)
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Roberta Petzoldt standing up at an outdoor restaurant table, pulling her dress over her head and revealing her panties and a flash of her left breast as she leaves a guy behind and walks topless down the sand at a beach and into the ocean, seen from behind.

Roberta Petzoldt sitting topless on the sand at a beach with wet hair as a guy walks up to her. We get a good look at her breasts as the guy talks to her and sits down beside her.

Roberta Petzoldt pulling her dress off and walking into a bathroom, where she steps into a shower naked and we see her breasts. Roberta lies on the floor of the shower for a bit under the running water, and then shows full nudity when she emerges and walks up to a guy near a window, putting her arms around him from behind.

Roberta Petzoldt sgiwubg bare breasts from the side as she has sex with a guy in bed, riding him as he reaches up to squeeze her left breast and kiss it. We then see Roberta on her back after sex, her breasts in view again. She then rolls over, showing her bush and then her butt as she lies on her stomach naked. The guy then kisses on her body until she gets up and walks into the bathroom, where we see her brushing her teeth in front of a mirror while still wearing nothing.

Roberta Petzoldt starting off in orange underwear on a beach with a guy, then taking her bra off to expose her breasts. We see her topless as the guy applies some suntan lotion to her shoulders and then her legs as she lies on her stomach. We then see Roberta standing up and walking along the sand, still topless as she talks on a phone before finally putting a dress on.

Roberta Petzoldt standing next to a bed where a guy watches her as she takes her dress off to reveal a bra and panties, and then takes the top off to expose her breasts before she changes into a nightie.

Roberta Petzoldt showing bare breasts in a shower with a guy as he sprays her with a detachable head and she washes herself and then rinses her hair.

Roberta Petzoldt kneeling on a bed fully nude as a guy runs his hands over her body from behind. We then see Roberta on top of the guy as they have sex with her breasts in view from the side. Afterward, Roberta shows full-frontal nudity again as she stands beside the bed before once again kneeling on top of it as the guy runs his hands over her breasts.

Roberta Petzoldt naked as she and a guy look out a window at the city lights near a beach at night, Roberta showing her butt from behind. We then get an even better look at her rear when she lies on her side in bed and the guy runs his hands over her butt and kisses her hip. Roberta then rolls onto her back and then her side, the guy laying down behind her and reaching around to play with her breasts with one hand as he begins to have sex with her from behind.

Roberta Petzoldt cartwheeling into view fully nude, showing her breasts and bush as a guy watches her from a bed. After pausing briefly, Roberta then jumps toward the bed.
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